MECRM allows accessing Microsoft Dynamics CRM data on your Android device at anytime and anywhere. MECRM is a native application for Android providing fast and easy user experience, and allows searching and adding information on CRM server even when you are offline.

Identical user experience on Mobile

A mobile CRM solution, which is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides same user experience as PC version that offers customized workflow, system views, personal views, custom entities and etc.

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Automatic configuration without middleware

In other words, what’s great about the MECRM is that, as a solution, it is easily downloadable and accessible, free from time or location constraints: you only need a mobile to access it. Differentiating it from the competition, where there tends to be the hassle of having to set it up, the MECRM does away with the need for any separate server composition or client configuration within an enterprise environment.

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The most affordable price

In fact, not only do users benefit from stretching their minimal investment, through benefiting from usability and the quality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM (thus, in effect, doing more with less), but even from an overall TCO perspective, this solution is extremely competitive in the market, primarily as it backs up its initial affordable price point while also doing away with associated further costs involved with additional servers and management expenses.

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Free Trial

MECRM trial version is currently available in Google Play Store and AppStore.